Kingdom is a unique venture based on a love of cycling, community and food set in a 13-acre woodland in Penshurst, Kent. A natural space to unplug, unwind and relax with family and friends over a meal, a drink or a bike ride.

Escape the 9-5. Explore your inner creativity. Find your perfect line. Great food, great company, somewhere to watch some of the country’s best cyclists, or just to watch the sun rise. Somewhere to go slow whilst the riders go fast.


The activities we enjoy, the food we eat and the memories we make, are all defined by the environment in which we find ourselves – physically, emotionally and collectively. Kingdom makes the most of what comes naturally, naturally. The club house café is run by Basil Wholefoods.

Kingdom is where the young grow up and the grown-ups feel young. Food. Activity. Nature. Togetherness. This is what distinctly unites our Kingdom. It’s not a story of limits. Kingdom enhances the soul. Doing things better and doing better things to stimulate the body, mind, taste buds and conversation.

Get Togethers
, Celebrations
, Birthdays, 
, Weddings. Where young people can grow up and the grown-ups can stay young, naturally


Everything is motion, everything is change, everything is energy.

Don’t hold back. These moments become memories. There’s always something to celebrate. Kingdom: seek, find, embrace.

For all enquiries and bookings for yoga classes at KINGDOM please contact us on


Whether it’s the smallest of victories, the grandest occasion or just being involved, celebration is active and life affirming.

The clubhouse with 9,500ft of event space is the heart of Kingdom and is the place to toast birthdays, anniversaries or weddings.

Don’t hold back. These moments become memories. There’s always something to celebrate.

For celebration and wedding enquires please contact Dinah on 07785 392778 or


Kingdom is a place to escape from the city. Our mission is to be the leading road track in Kent for both leisure and competitive cycling with a challenging 1.1 mile track.

A place to embrace nature and have an adventure, where bad moods get lost in the woods.

Eat & Drink

Providing food and healthy conditions necessary for life and growth.

Plant, sew, cultivate, create, care. We are alive – surprise, delight, involve, fulfil. Not just local and seasonal, but a ‘cradle to cradle’ food system.


Much needed.

Once, we were born into community and strived to find individuality. Now, we are born as individuals, striving for community.

We are what we share. Social interaction, cultural connection through a shared experience.

Get Togethers


Where young people can grow up and the grown ups can stay young, naturally.